My best 3 cheap European city breaks.

November 25, 2016

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For the last three years I have decided to get away for my birthday. My birthday is in March which may help with securing a bargain, each time I have managed to get flights and 3 nights hotel in a European cities for around £130pp. Not bad considering some people spend £100 on a night out or a pair of shoes! Each of the European cities that I have visited for long weekends have been a couple of hours on a plane and they've all been incredibly easy to get around. In all three of the Cities listed below people in restaurants and hotels/shops spoke English and we never had any problems not speaking the language.


Total cost pp - £120. Airline: EasyJet

Hotel: Barcelo Praha Five

Freemont Street Experience.
I traveled to Prague on Easy Jet and the return flights were around £60, from the airport we got on the train which was incredibly easy. It worked out at less than £3 a day for 24 hours of unlimited travel!

Absolutely mad when you compare it to our train prices in the UK. Prague was incredibly easy to get around, the train system was much simpler than the London underground with trains going every 3-4 minutes on weekdays and 5-6 minutes on weekends.

We chose to take a Sandemans free walking tour which I would definitely recommend if you're taking a trip to Prague. The guide was brilliant and we got a really good insight into the city. Prague itself was absolutely gorgeous, such a pretty place with a varied and interesting history.
Freemont Street Experience.


Total cost pp - £130 .Airline: EasyJet

Hotel: Town Hall Apartments

I stayed in an apartment in Budapest. It cost a little more but we saved a lot as we brought food and cooked it ourselves instead of eating out. It was definitely worth it, the apartment was bigger than my flat which I normally live in!

We got the train from the airport which again was very cheap. We also brought tickets for the Big Bus Budapest tour which included: hop on hop off bus tickets, a boat trip, and night bus tour, all for around £30 per person. This kept us busy for most of the three days, 3 days entertainment for £30 is not bad at all.

Budapest was a beautiful city, we took many long walks along the Danube.
We also went to the Budapest zoo which was very interesting, the animals were wandering free and you just walk from one enclosure to the next.


Total cost pp - £110Airline: Norwegian

Hotel: Novotel Centrum

Warsaw was an incredibly easy city to visit. We flew with Norwegian which I would wholeheartedly recommend, their planes are light and spacious and have wifi on most routes.

We got the train into the centre of the city where our hotel was conveniently located. The flights worked out at £62pp and the hotel was £34 per night.

We went on an Adventure Warsaw tour which I enjoyed, we learned a lot about the history of Warsaw and had the chance to visit a Polish milk bar.

The city was easy to walk around, it is quite small and as a result, we were able to reach all places which we wanted to visit on foot. The old town was beautiful

I would definitely recommend any of these places for a cheap weekend away, not only are flights so cheap to these cities but because of the cheaper cost of living there the prices of hotels and food/transport are incredibly cheap compared to UK standards. I had a brilliant weekend away in each city, I think it's time for me to start planning my next one..

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