LAS Vegas resort fees.

January 13th, 2016

Whilst writing my blog post about Vegas, I found an article informing readers that MGM was about to increase their resort fee's to $40 a night. Having not visited for a couple of years I was astonished to find out that they have now risen to such a level. When I first visited 10 years ago resort fees were pretty much unheard of, then a few started implementing them at around $10 a night which was mildly annoying, however, the hotels seem to be pushing the boundaries at what they are charging on top of the daily rate.

Resort fees are a North American concept which has spread to some of it's oversea's territories?
For the UK and foreign visitors, the resort fee is a daily mandatory charge that the hotel charges extra to the advertised price. I've known a few people who have checked in totally unaware of these extra charges only to be told they have to pay it up front at the reception.

The hotels try to justify the charge by claiming its the charge for using hotel amenities such as the pool/gym or Wi-Fi. 
All 62000 rooms on the Las Vegas strip now charge a resort fee. Now the fee's are on the verge of going north of $40, for those staying a week or over it's a real unwelcome charge. I thought I'd check and see if other hotels are charging similar prices to the MGM.

3 star Hotels.

​I decided to log onto each hotel website, check the fee, see if they readily advertise that there will be a resort fee payable on top of the advertised amount and see what percentage it is of the overall cost. To do this I chose the week of the 19th to 27th January 2017 what I'd expect to be a quiet week after the New Year and before Superbowl weekend. I then compared each hotels average daily cost across that week.

To be fair the MGM Group are one of the only ones who state underneath their room rate the cost of their daily resort rate.
Most other hotel websites just state excludes resort fees and taxes.

In conclusion these fees have really affected the budget traveller with 3 and 3.5 star hotels charging an extra 50 to 60% more than their advertised room rate. Even 4 star hotels can be 30 - 40% more than their advertised rate. Also affected are foreign tourists who can be totally unaware of this added charge until faced with the charge at check in.
Any other business wouldn't get away with advertising a product or a service in this way, they would be slated for false advertising.

It is only illegal if the fees are not disclosed but even on hotels own websites they are often in smaller print or hidden away or as stated above the website will just say this excludes resort fees and taxes.

Fortunately mandatory fees that are not included in the room rate such as resort fees are illegal in Europe, I seriously hope that it doesn't change and that some regulations come in for the USA to stop this practice.

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4.5 star Hotels.

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